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How to Configure OfficeCalendar Server to work with SQL Server
*****How to I create a new DB in SQL Server Explorer*****

-In order to configure OfficeCalendar to work with Microsoft SQL Server basic knowledge and understanding of SQL Server is required. If you do not have a basic level of SQL Server knowledge, we highly recommend that you consult with someone who does. In particular, you will need to know how to create a blank SQL Server database and you need to know how to log into your SQL Server database. Lookout Software does not offer training and/or consulting services in these areas knowledge.

-For specific instructions on how to create a new DB in SQL Server refer Microsoft's website at Please note, this is a basic function of Microsoft SQL Server that does not involve OfficeCalendar, and thus is not supported by Lookout Software. Please contact Microsoft for technical support if issue arise while trying to create a SQL Server database.

*****How to Configure OfficeCalendar Server to work with SQL Server*****

Refer to page 102 of the OfficeCalendar Installation and User's Guide for complete instructions on "Configuring OfficeCalendar to work with Microsoft® SQL Server".

User's Guide:

When selecting which form of authentication to use please note that the authentication used to login into a SQL Server database is not a function of OfficeCalendar. Lookout Software can not help you determine which form of Authentication is required to login into your SQL Server nor will we advise you on which form of Authentication you should use. Please consult with your network administrator, local network technician, or contact Microsoft support if you have a question about SQL Server Authentication.

*****What type of errors will I see if My SQL Server is Not configured Correctly?*****

-ERROR: Create DB Structure - "Can't create database. Wrong DB parameters. Login failed for user 'none'." The login name and/or password used to log into the SQL database is incorrect.

-ERROR: Create DB Structure - "Can't create database. Wrong DB Parameters Specified database doesn't exist." The database name in which you entered into the database field database for your SQL Server database does not exist. This error most likely occurred due to a spelling mistake. Please re-check the name of the database.

-ERROR: Create DB Structure - "Can't create database. Wrong DB Parameters SQL Server does not exist or access denied." This error occurs when the wrong SQL SERVER name is entered into the 'SQL SERVER' Field or access to the database has been denied to the SQL Server due improper connection (Authentication selection, Login Name, and/or Password).

-ERROR: Create DB Structure - "Can't create database. Wrong DB Parameters Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached." This error occurs when the SQL Server is not running when the OfficeCalendar Server is trying to configure the database from a different computer.

-ERROR: Create DB Structure - "Can't create database. Wrong DB Parameters General network error. Check your network documentation." This error usually occurs when the SQL Server's port is not open for communication on computer with a firewall while OfficeCalendar is attempting to configure the SQL Server database from the another computer. To resolve this issue, open Port 1433 on your computer's firewall.

-ERROR: OfficeCalendar - "SQL Database is not accessible. Sync interrupted." An OfficeCalendar client will receive this error message when their OfficeCalendar client tries to sync with the OfficeCalendar database while the SQL Server is stopped. Please contact your network administrator and ask them to start the SQL Server database.
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7/24/2006 6:46:55 PM
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10/20/2009 2:37:50 PM
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