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"Specified Module Could Not Be Found" when using the OfficeCalendar duplicate removal feature
OfficeCalendar Client(s)
Date Created
9/6/2006 11:29:26 AM
Date Updated
10/29/2008 12:53:50 PM
When using the OfficeCalendar duplicate remover functionality, I receive a pop-up message box stating that Specified Module Could Not be Found.
If you receive the message pop-up below while using the OfficeCalendar duplicate removal tool, this indicates that the Windows Registry on this particular PC has been altered or damaged. The OfficeCalendar duplicate removal functionality will not be available on this specific PC.

The OfficeCalendar duplicate remover is actually a stand-alone application that is launched directly from OfficeCalendar. It uses the Windows Registry via COM to connect to Outlook. If the Outlook registry is damaged, the duplicate remover application cannot connect to Outlook to begin the dedupe process. There are many ways that a registry can be legitimately altered, or conversely corrupted, including installation of 3rd party products and/or remnants of previous files remaining during uninstall processes.

The OfficeCalendar support staff can not trouble-shoot registry settings. The best course of action if this issue is encountered is to utilize a 3rd party Outlook duplicate remover tool. Several companies publish and sell products solely to remove duplicate records in Outlook.

One such product is Outlook Duplicate Remover application written by our Lookout Software Technicians that you can utilize in combination with resetting the OfficeCalendar database. You can download this product at
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