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Moving information from existing folder into a new OfficeCalendar Resource folder to synch amongst users
Date Created
10/2/2007 2:57:22 PM
Date Updated
10/2/2007 5:19:28 PM
How do I move information from a previously existing folder into a new Resource User folder so those entries synchronize with my remaining users?
When creating a Resource User we have found quite frequently OfficeCalendar users already have an existing folder containing the information they would like to synchronize. However the existing folder will not synchronize that data since the existing folder was created outside of the OfficeCalendar installation and therefore is not recognized by OfficeCalendar.

After a Resource User has been created within the OfficeCalendar Server Administration Console each user must be assigned the necessary permissions for them to (Read/Write/Delete) to/from that new Resource User folder. Upon each user's first synchronization after the creation of the Resource User they will have a view of the Resource User folder, however it will be blank. The data must be transferred from the existing Outlook folder containing that data into the newly created Resource User in order for that to synch amongst the other users. Please follow the steps below to move information from an existing folder, into a Resource folder within OfficeCalendar so that information will synchronize to each other user's view (granted the appropriate permissions have been assigned for each user to view the Resource User).

For example, we have a user with a "Company Contacts" folder that already exists on their machine prior to the OfficeCalendar installation. It is these contacts we will be moving into a new Resource User folder.

We will refer to the new Resource User Contact folder as "Shared Contacts". This user already has a view of the "Company Contacts" folder as it was previously created on their machine, but now would like to synch those contacts amongst the other users with OfficeCalendar. After this user's very first successful synchronization completes they will receive the new resource "Shared Contacts" folder and its contents will be blank (whichever user will be performing the following steps will require "Read" and "Write" permissions for the Resource User ID).

1) Within Microsoft Outlook, highlight the folder that currently contains the data you wish to have synchronize (in this example we refer to this existing folder as the "Company Contacts" folder).

2) Go to "View", "Arrange By", "Current View", and choose "By Category" and all entries will appear in a view similar to a spreadsheet.

3) Go to "Edit", and choose "Select All". Each entry will then appear as highlighted.

4) Click the "Edit" option once again and choose "Copy to Folder...".

5) Select the appropriate Resource Folder from the list (hereto referred to as "Shared Contacts") and click "OK". A copy of each entry will then transfer into the new Resource User folder.

6) Then synchronize this machine first by clicking the Calendar & Lightning Bolt icon.

7) Once the synch completes from this first machine you may go to each alternate OfficeCalendar Client machine and synchronize them as well. Upon completion each OfficeCalendar Client should have a valid view of the Resource User folder along with all of the entries that were added.

8) The previously existing folder will also still contain those entries as well. You can retain that folder or delete that folder at your own discretion.
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