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Clearing the iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) of the appointments/contacts (to then resynch with OCMiOS)
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Date Created
3/6/2012 4:39:41 PM
Date Updated
3/7/2012 10:55:01 AM
How do I clear out the existing Contacts and Appointments on my iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)?
We've found there are two (2) ways to clear out the appointments/contacts on the iOS devices. Depending on if you've ever synched your device using iTunes before will depend on which option you'll choose. If you don't have iTunes you'll need to obtain it ( ).

***Option #1*** (if you've ALREADY been synching with iTunes/Outlook):

1) Plug the device into the machine and launch iTunes. When the device is recognized click on it and go to "Info".

2) Uncheck the "Sync Contacts with Outlook" and "Sync Calendars with Outlook" options. If prompted immediately if you'd like to remove the contacts/appointments from the device choose to "Remove" them. Otherwise you may have to "Apply" those changes near the bottom of the iTunes installation to get the prompt asking if you'd like to "Remove" the contacts/appointments from the device.

***Option #2*** (if you've NEVER synched with iTunes/Outlook):

1) Plug the device into the machine and launch iTunes. When the device is recognized click on it and go to "Info".

2) Go into Outlook, right click your own main "Calendar" folder and choose "New Folder". Title the new folder "BLANK" and click "OK". Also create a "BLANK" contact folders following the same steps.

3) Go back into iTunes, checkmark the "Sync Contacts with Outlook", choose "Selected groups" and designate ONLY the "BLANK" folder. Do the same thing for the "Sync Calendars with Outlook" for the "BLANK" calendar in iTunes as well.

4) Scroll down near the bottom and locate the "Advanced" section. Checkmark "Replace information on this ..." option for "Contacts" and "Calendars". Then click "Apply". This should automatically synch the device with the empty Outlook "BLANK" folders thus removing all the entries.

5) Once completed go back and uncheck the "Sync Contacts with Outlook" and "Sync Calendars with Outlook" options and choose to "Remove" the data from the device when prompted as well (to ensure a "BLANK" folder doesn't remain synched to the device and the main "Contacts" and "Calendar" folders remain empty on the device).

6) Unplug the device from iTunes.

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