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Local OfficeCalendar Server Keycode Invalid - Please re-enter your Keycode
If you are seeing this message on your OfficeCalendar Server machine, to resolve this, please complete the following steps:

1. Please log into your OfficeCalendar Admin Console on the machine where the OfficeCalendar Server is installed (right click the Calendar w Hand on bottom right of screen, or select “OfficeCalendar Admin” from Programs list). You should immediately be prompted with a screen to enter your keycode. Leave that screen up and go to our website to log into your account and retrieve your keycode. Log into your OfficeCalendar account on our website here

How do I access the OfficeCalendar Server Administration Console?

2. In the User’s Area select “Activation of Keycodes” to access your keycode. Copy the keycode, return to the pop-up screen, select Enter Keycode and paste the keycode in the proper field. You will then be prompted to Activate the keycode. Please follow the steps provided to do that.

3. If you have an OfficeCalendar Online Account setup, you'll need to reconnect it by going into the OfficeCalendar Online tab in the OfficeCalendar Admin Console, select “Setup Online Account”. Enter the email address and password for your account and it will let you know that you have an online account setup (and the name of that account) and you will be reconnected at that point. If you don’t see “Setup Online Account”, you should be fine.

4. That should resolve the issue, but if you are still having trouble with your OfficeCalendar Clients connecting to the server, you may need to restart the Ocalservice that needs to run on the server machine. Please go to your Windows menu > right click My Computer/Computer > Manage > Services and Applications > Services > locate Ocalservice > if Stop Service is showing, select it > select Start service > Close the open windows

At this point, your OfficeCalendar Server should be active and functioning, and your OfficeCalendar Online account connected.

PLEASE NOTE: Any accounts that have experienced this issue, and have expired Maintenance & Upgrade Protection Plans outside of their renewal grace period, can renew now and get back and current at regular pricing if you choose. Simply let us know by logging a ticket or emailing ( and we'll have a Sales representative contact you.

OfficeCalendar Support
OfficeCalendar Server (Local Installation)
Date Created
9/19/2013 4:41:34 PM
Date Updated
9/24/2013 4:31:55 PM
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