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Removing duplicate entries in an OfficeCalendar Resource User folder
OfficeCalendar Client(s)
Date Created
9/2/2009 12:51:39 PM
Date Updated
9/2/2009 1:06:01 PM
How do I remove duplicate entries within a Resource User folder created by OfficeCalendar?
*****PLEASE NOTE*****
If any users have duplicate entries in their own core "Calendar", "Contacts", or "Tasks" folder(s) please review the knowledge based article Duplicate entries within Outlook calendar/contact/task folders

In the rare occasion there are duplicate entries within an OfficeCalendar created Resource User folder please follow the instructions below.

For the purposes of these instructions we will refer to the resource folder with the duplicates as the "Resource Calendar"

1) Go to each OfficeCalendar Client within Outlook and click the Configure OfficeCalendar (hammer & wrench icon) and select "Offline". Then click "Apply" and "OK".

2) Choose one OfficeCalendar Client that can view the "Resource Calendar" and create another blank sub-folder calendar and label it "Resource Calendar-Prep". To accomplish this right-click the "Calendar" and choose "New Folder".

3) Within Outlook on this same machine highlight the "Resource Calendar" and go to "View", "Arrange By", "Current View" and choose "By Category". Then choose "Edit" then "Select All". Then choose "Edit", "Copy to Folder" then highlight the "Resource Calendar-Prep" from the listing and click "OK". Check to make sure all of the appointments get copied over to "Resource Calendar-Prep".

4) Then go back to the "Resource Calendar", "Edit", "Select All", "Edit", and "Delete" (Ensure this user has "Delete" permissions for the "Resource Calendar" within the OfficeCalendar Server Administration Console).

5) Then set this OfficeCalendar Client back to "Online" status and synch (calendar & lightning bolt icon). Then look back at the "Resource Calendar" and ensure it is still blank.

6) Then, go to each machine, set them back to "Online" status and synch them as well. This should delete all records from each user's view of the "Resource Calendar".

7) Once all machines have the blank "Resource Calendar" go back to the first machine where you created the "Resource Calendar-Prep". Highlight the "Resource Calendar-Prep" and click the Configure OfficeCalendar (hammer & lightning bolt) and go to the "Support" tab. Then click the "Dedupe Outlook" button, then the "Delete Duplicates" and select the "Resource Calendar-Prep" calendar and click "OK". This should delete the duplicates from the "Resource Calendar-Prep".

8) Then, while "Resource Calendar-Prep" is still highlighted choose "Edit", "Select All", "Copy" and highlight the "Resource Calendar" and choose "Edit", "Paste". Verify all of the (now deduped) appointments transferred into the "Resource Calendar".

9) Synch (calendar & lightning bolt) this machine, then go to each other machine and manually synch (calendar & lightning bolt) them. Once you have verified that all of the information has synched back into each user's view of the "Resource Calendar" you can go back to the machine with the "Resource Calendar-Prep" and delete it (if so desired).

This should have removed all duplicate entries from all user's view of the "Resource Calendar".
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